The Victoria Pub Mile End

Our new menu is here.....

& it's darn tasty


The Vic, she’s a lovely lady and somewhat like Mona Lisa, our lady has her secrets. 

There’s the pub floor of course - big, bright and beautiful with cask, craft, cocktail, wine & food, food, food (did we mention food?) but that’s it - the normal stuff stops there.

Vic is one-of-a-kind; she’s got three themed dining rooms. In one of them you can even watch the chefs as they work (be sure to wave hello - they like the attention this lot!). 

Downstairs, you’ll find mirrors. Push ‘em. Go on, give ‘em a big push & welcome to our secret speakeasy cocktail bar. No one can see in so if you need to hide, the Vic is your partner in crime.

Not to forget the lady’s colourful back garden (stop it right now with your filthy mind). Plonk down on roof-covered huts or even in Charlie’s Cocktail Caravan. It was a PAIN getting that thing in the garden but it looks amazing & was totally worth it. Come on, it’s a CARAVAN. WITH COCKTAILS. 

Told ya’ she’s special.


The Victoria Pub. 110 Grove Road, Mile End, London, E3 5TH

Speak to us; 020 8712 5125 or email 


Monday– 10am–11pm

Tuesday – 10am–11pm

Wednesday – 10am–11pm

Thursday- 10am–11pm

Friday - 10am–12am

Saturday - 9am–12am

Sunday - 9am–11pm

Kitchen opening hours

Monday – 11am–10pm

Tuesday – 11am–10pm

Wednesday – 11am–10pm

Thursday - 11am–10pm

Friday - 11am–10pm

Saturday - 9am–10pm

Sunday - 9am–10pm

Magri’s open

Friday –  6pm – 12am

Saturday – 12pm – 12am

Sunday – 12pm – 11pm

+ also open for key sporting events as we have SKY TV in the basement now

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our food

We're very proud of the food we make & serve at the Vic. There's a full pub menu from 12pm all day, seven days a week. We serve a great range of roasts on a Sunday & proud to say we have a 5* rated kitchen (the best) last inspected in December 2016.